The official BMW R90S Owners Club page

Todd Trumbore's reminiscence of Karl Duffner
How to upgrade /6 and R90S brakes, by Bill Dudley
How to fix your R90S odometer reset, by Bill Dudley
Remove tach drive seal from R90S, by Bill Dudley
Adjusting Steering Head Bearing Preload On An R90S, by Mac Kirkpatrick
How I "Pickle" a Bike For Long Term Storage, by Mac Kirkpatrick
Motorcycle Rider Training video starring the R90S
Video showing BMW's being built, 1975 or 1976. French narration. DelOrto Article
"Snowbum's" DelOrto Article
PDF DelOrto Carb Manual
Krauser Latch Repair
Pictorial Guide to R90S Sticker Placement
Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Adjustment Guide (from Ducati)
Terry Jones article on Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor Adjustment
1974 wiring diagram (pdf)
1974 instrument pod wiring diagram (pdf)
Gordon Wright's R90S wiring diagram (pdf)
Headlight Circuit Description by Alan Menton
Owners Manual for R60/6, R75/6, R90/6, and R90S (pdf) courtesy Paulo Abreu
Cycle magazine March 1979 article on Udo Gietl and Todd Schuster and their R90S race bike
Rider Files profile of Udo Gietl
Motorcyclist magazine article from February 2009
Motorcyclist magazine article on Udo Gietl from February 2009
Motorcyclist magazine article comparing R90S and HP2 from July 2010
Motorcyclist magazine article on 40th anniversary of R90S from December 2014
Article on Clock Repair by Rich Nagy
Pictorial on Clock Repair
THE R90S: The BMW That Invented Sport-Touring - by Peter Egan
CLASSIC REMATCH: Norton Commando vs. BMW R90S, by Peter Egan
Cycle World 1975 review of R90S
Notable Superbike Teams of the 1970s
Ducati vs. BMW Superbike Racer Comparo
Bringing a 74 R90S back to life after sitting 30 years
Norton Commando vs. BMW R90S VIDEO - Cycle World companion to the above article
Tom Cutter's article on clutch cable replacement & adjustment
Forty Years of BMW R90S
Short YouTube video of an R90S and an R80GS riding in the Alps
Semper Fidelis | BMW's R 90 S (Lutz, Muth, and the origin story)

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